London ‘Growing Underground’


In the heart of London, 100 feet or 33 meters underground, sits the world’s first subterranean farm built in a former bomb shelter, called Growing Underground. It grows crops unaffected by the weather and seasonal changes, placed under ideal conditions with the help of state of the art hydroponic system and low-energy LED lighting. The process uses 70% less water than conventional farms and creates no agricultural run-off. The shelter is also a pest-free zone, eliminating the need for pesticides.

Started in 2014 the start-up uses ingenious solutions and leads the way  to advance sustainable, carbon-neutral farming practices within an urban environment.

Growing Beds. Photo Credit Zero Carbon Food.

After being abandoned for about 70 years, the space is now houses rows of hydroponic grow beds sprouting a variety of leafy greens including rocket, coriander, Thai basil, radish, pea shoots and watercress.

Produce from Growing Underground.

The space allows for produce to be picked and delivered locally in less than four hours, significantly reducing food miles and associated carbon emissions.


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