‘The Lowline’ Underground New York Park

The Lowline is an underground park located in the former Essex Street Market building in New York. Visitors can enjoy a variety of plants along a short landscaped path. The plants are nourished by sunlight that’s piped into the building using a smart system of mirrored collectors, lenses and reflectors.

underground park

The Lowline Lab designed this space with several visions in mind that they share on their website: it is “a live open experiment, free for all members of the public to visit every weekend. During the weekdays, we are expanding our Young Designers Program to include educational sessions at the Lowline Lab, bringing thousands of kids into the space to learn all about the science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) behind the Lowline. We also want the Lab to serve as an intergenerational community hub, inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to study and understand the transformative power of innovation.”

Co-Founder James Ramsey and his team at Raad Studio, and Korea-based technology company Sunportal designed and installed “optical devices which track the sun throughout the sky every minute of every day, optimizing the amount of natural sunlight we are able to capture. The sunlight is then distributed into the warehouse through a series of protective tubes, directing full spectrum light into a central distribution point. A solar canopy, designed and constructed by engineer Ed Jacobs, then spreads out the sunlight across the space, modulating and tempering the sunlight, providing light critical to sustain the plant life below.”

Some of the ways that you can help the project is by signing up to volunteer or by making a donation. You can learn more about this project in this TED talk:

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