Old Cell Phones Fight Deforestation

Engineer Topher White started Rainforest Connection to use a simple and scalable way to stop illegal logging and deforestation using old cell phones as a security system for real-time intervention.

Turning Plastic Waste Into Biofuel

Egyptian teenager Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad discovered that an inexpensive catalyst called aluminosilicate can efficiently turn plastic waste into biofuel.

Recycled Tyres For ‘Green Steel’

Engineer Veena Sahajwalla invented a process for recycling rubber tyres into steel, called “green steel,” diverting over 2 million passenger car tyres from landfills so far and deriving economic value.

Fungus That Decomposes Plastic

A group of students from Yale’s Department of Molecular Physics and Biochemistry discovered a fungus in Ecuador, called Pestalotiopsis microspora, that likes to eat polyester polyurethane.

6 Uses of Mycelium Fungus

Mycelium holds together soil and disassembles natural materials generating humus, building and cleaning polluted soil, as well as making insecticides, and antibiotics to treat smallpox and flu viruses.

‘pAge’ Book – Water Filter

pAge is the Drinkable Book filled with pages coated with silver nano particles that can filter water, while also teaching proper sanitation & hygiene. One page can filter up to 100 litres of drinking water.