Electricity From Living Plants

Plant-e is a company that develops products that can generate electricity from living plants. Based on natural processes electrons are harvested from the soil and electricity is produced while plants grow.

Natural Gas From Biogas Digester

A biogas generator produces natural gas by transforming grass clippings, food waste and livestock manure, with a fertilizer as a bi-product.

Turning Plastic Waste Into Biofuel

Egyptian teenager Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad discovered that an inexpensive catalyst called aluminosilicate can efficiently turn plastic waste into biofuel.

‘EcoRock’ the Clean Drywall

Kevin Surace designed EcoRock, a clean, recyclable and energy-efficient drywall, with the aim to reduce the huge carbon footprint generated by manufacturing and constructing buildings.

Breathing ‘Thermo Bi-Metals’

Doris Kim Sung uses thermo bi-metals – designed to resemble human skin, shading a room from sun or self-ventilating, and reducing energy used.

Self-Healing Porous Asphalt

Erik Schlangen designed a new type of porous asphalt, which when cracked can be “healed” by induction heating the steel fibers embedded in bitumen, which melt back to the road’s original shape.

Recycled Tyres For ‘Green Steel’

Engineer Veena Sahajwalla invented a process for recycling rubber tyres into steel, called “green steel,” diverting over 2 million passenger car tyres from landfills so far and deriving economic value.

High Tech Applications Of Silk

Silk has over 20 new incredible uses in high tech – transmitting light, improving sustainability, adding strength and making medical leaps, from replacing a vein or a bone to delivering medicine in the desert.

‘Smart Materials’ Open Source

Smart materials are coming into daily use – including fabrics that light up, paints that conduct electricity, pigments that change color in windows and walls, or kitchenware depending on temperature.

Open Source Ecology Village

Marcin Jakubowki started a project to write and share an instructions set for building an entire self-sustaining village. His group Open Source Ecology created the “Global Village Construction Set.”

3D Printer Homes From Mud

The Italian 3D printing company WASP developed an easily-transportable 3D printer that can quickly create homes out of mud and natural fibers—materials already available on building sites.