World’s Smallest 3D Printer

What could you do with the world’s smallest 3D printer? Klaus Stadlmann demos a small, affordable printer that could someday make customized hearing aids, joints, or other miniature sculptures. A device like this being distributed across the globe, can help those in need to get the necessary items without extensive waiting.

One suggestion is to start a “self-replicating” movement, by having 3D designs available for the printer components, which could be downloaded, produced on one of the 3D printers, assembled into a new 3D printer, with the addition of electronics, and passed on to the next person who could make good use of the technology.


It’s said that you don’t have to be a professional 3D graphic designer to make simple objects, and new cheaper 3D printers kits will soon become available. Here are some recommended resources:,]

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