Sandbag Houses

Building with sandbags is a great alternative to conventional construction. The quality of sandbag houses and comfort of living is considered to be superior to normal brick, block, or adobe homes. Once it’s finished with plaster or a wooden cladding, it can look like a conventional house if so desired.

Using the unburned and untreated sand as the main construction material can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of building a home. Using the sandbag technology can also save a significant amount of money.


This construction technology can be used for all applications from low cost government subsidized housing to the higher income market, for housing, industrial, or multi-level developments. You can learn more about this method of construction in this Info-Center.



Here are some of the advantages of the sandbag system:

1. “Ecological Reasons

  1. no Energy consumption for burning bricks or producing cement

  2. a sandbag wall has 95% less CO2 emission than the conventional brick wall

  3. less transportation: Sand is locally available nearly all over the world

  4. adobe plaster or a special lime plaster are very environmental friendly

2. Economical Impact

  1. sandbag construction can be 5-40% ceaper (depending on the local situation)

  2. the construction rate is very fast, time is money

  3. the main work can be done by cheap, unskilled labour, or by the owner himself

  4. foundations usually can be very simple and cost effective

  5. Superior Material Qualities

  6. a tremendous thermal stability, comparetively good insulation and high thermal mass

  7. excellent sound absorbing and insulating qualities

  8. healthy room climate, walls are vapor permeable

  9. the huge weight makes them wind and water resistant

  10. walls absorb all kinds of impacts, e.g. bullets or earthquakes

4. Simplicity of Construction

  1. construction technique can be learned easily within a few days by unskilled labour

  2. the leight bags can be hadled by one person in all phases of the construction

  3. all members of the community can participate in the construction process (feeling of identification and ownership)

  4. construction can take place without road access and without electricity

  5. unused bags can be removed over night, thereby reducing the incidence of theft”


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