Ecoshell Houses

Ecoshell domes can provide living space that withstands fires and earthquakes when built properly, and can cost as low as $3,500 to build. The “Binishell” was conceived and pioneered by Dante Bini in the 1960’s, and is currently being relaunched by his son, architect Nicoló Bini.

The concept is much like inflating a balloon, covered in papier-mâché, but instead of the papier it uses concrete with a wood & metal support structure.  A giant, inflatable membrane is covered with the support structure. Concrete is added and the membrane is inflated until the concrete can dry and harden in position, in about three days.  Binishells range in size from a single room to domes 120 feet in diameter.

housing bini

Dante Bini was interested in pushing the technology further and making the domes bigger, his son Nicoló however is making them smaller and on the safe side, while also “faster, greener, stronger and more affordable.” These are some examples of residential projects above.

You can hear Dante talk about the technology in this video by Forbes:

There are several other companies using this construction technology. This video by Monolithic shows how easily one can be built:

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