‘Tumor Treating Fields’

There is a new approach to treating cancer, called Tumor Treating Fields, which uses electric fields to interrupt cancer cell division.  The electric fields are a field of forces that act on and attract that which has an electrical charge. Doctor Bill Doyle reports that they have applied the “Tumor Treating Fields to over 20 different cancers in the lab, and we see this effect in all of them. Now importantly, these Tumor Treating Fields have no effect on normal undividing cells.”


To quote the Doctor himself: “Tumor Treating Fields use externally placed transducers attached to a field generator to create an artificial electric field on that space station. And when that cellular space station is within the electric field, it acts on those highly charged proteins and aligns them. And it prevents them from forming those chains, those mitotic spindles, that are necessary to pull the genetic material into the daughter cells. What we see is that the cells will attempt to divide for several hours. And they will either enter into this so-called cellular suicide, programmed cell death, or they will form unhealthy daughter cells and enter into apoptosis once they have divided.” 

FDA approved Tumor Treating Fields for the treatment of patients with recurrent GBM. Importantly, it was the first time ever that the FDA included in their approval of an oncology treatment a quality of life claim. … We have more trials planned for lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. And I firmly believe that in the next 10 years Tumor Treating Fields will be a weapon available to doctors and patients for all of these most-difficult-to-treat solid tumors. I’m also very hopeful that in the next decades, we will make big strides on reducing that death rate that has been so challenging in this disease.”

You can watch the full presentation at this TED Conference:


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